The Centennial State Peruvian Horse Club (CSPHC) was founded in 1996 as a nonprofit Colorado corporation to promote the Peruvian Horse and to educate the public about the breed within the state and the region. Membership is open to anyone by application. The club is active with shows, trail rides, socials and other horse-related events such as clinics and workshops. CSPHC sponsors at least two horse shows a year.


CSPHC is an official club as recognized by the national association, North American Peruvian Horse Association (NAPHA).


Membership is open in the following divisions:



(1) Owner/Breeder Member - Any person who holds registered ownership of one purebred Peruvian Horse, one-half interest in two Peruvian Horses or one third interest in three Peruvian Horses, as recognized by the North American Peruvian Horse Association (NAPHA).

(2) Aficionado Member - "Friend of the breed." -- anyone who does not currently own a purebred Peruvian Horse but desires to be active and supportive of the breed. Anyone who has registered ownership of a purebred Peruvian Horse cannot hold an Aficionado membership.